Contact: Ed Whitaker           For Immediate Release                  August 2010

Dan’s Jeep and Westborough Mitsubishi have gone Green with Solar PV Array

Dan’s Jeep and Westborough Mitsubishi of Westborough MA have installed a

100 kW Solar PV Array on their dealership’s rooftops. 

The solar installation reinforces the automobile dealer’s commitment to reducing their

environmental impact and carbon footprint.

In an effort to reduce its environmental impact, Dan Tortora of Dan’s Jeep in Westborough, MA has entered into a solar power purchase agreement with SunDial LLC.  The agreement will result in overall electrical savings over the 25 year life span of more than $500,000. 

Daniel Tortora, owner and operator of the Dan’s Jeep, contracted with Sundial of Boston, MA to purchase the solar generated energy.  Mr. Tortora states “As part of our on-going desire to reduce our dependence on conventional forms of energy, this agreement was a no-brainer.  Both the developer and Installer have been very easy to work with.  The agreement process and the construction process were implemented seamlessly

The Solar Photovoltaic Arrays consist of 441 solar modules on both rooftops which interconnect with the dealership’s electrical systems.  Electricity flows to the dealerships from the modules whenever the sun is shining. This ‘solar’ electricity offsets electricity that would normally be delivered from the utility.  The dealerships are billed for the ‘solar’ generated electricity at an agreed upon rate that is discounted from the Utilities electrical rates.  This agreement results in immediate energy savings with no financial commitment or risk.  The solar installation was performed by Second Generation Energy of Hopedale MA. 

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About Sundial:

Sundial develops and owns large scale solar facilities on third party sites through pre-arranged solar power purchase agreements. 

About Second Generation Energy:

Second Generation Energy is a provider of commercial and residential solar energy installations, dedicated to reducing carbon footprints one project at time.


Ed Whitaker

Director of Operations